Dewan Bersalin Muslimah

About Us

Established in November 1996 in Taman Arowana, Penang, DBM is a private maternity hospital with a muslimah-friendly approach, welcoming both husbands and babies. Initially registered as a sole proprietorship, our rapid growth led to a private limited company on October 24, 2019. We are proudly 100% Bumiputera-owned.

In 1999, DBM Hospital moved to its own premises in Taman Cermai, Permatang Pauh, expanding our capacity to five beds. Over the years, we have expanded further and now have branches in Southbay, Bukit Raja, Batu Caves, and Kota Damansara bringing our total to 5 branches dedicated to providing exceptional maternity care.

At DBM Hospital, we are dedicated to providing warm, welcoming, and culturally sensitive care for every family.

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  1. To become the preferred maternity medical center for many.
  1. To become a medical center with zero errors/complications.
  1. To become an exemplary medical center in implementing Islamic principles.


  1. To provide the best services to our customers.
  1. To carry out duties according to Islamic principles to the best of our ability.
  1. To ensure positive outcomes for both mother and baby.
  1. To ensure customers achieve maximum satisfaction.

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Discover the exceptional care provided at our various branches of DBM Hospital. Each location is dedicated to offering the highest standards of maternity services, ensuring comfort, privacy, and adherence to Islamic principles. Click below to find out more about the services, facilities, and dedicated teams at each of our branches. Your path to compassionate, culturally sensitive care starts here.